Donemana Castle Nov 2012



Donemana Castle (Earlsgift)
Earlsgift Castle, so the local story goes, was a gift to a young bride-to-be who tragically drowned as she went to meet her future husband on the day she was to be married. The castle was later damaged during hurricane Debbie in the 1960's.

From another source - "Construction of Earl's Gift Castle began in 1629, but the interference of Fortune prevented its completion. It was to be a gift for Sir John Drummond's French betrothed, whose untimely death at sea has left the building unfinished to this day." 




Donemana (Dun na Manach in Irish, 'Fort of the Monks') is a small market village in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, 11 kilometres north-east of Strabane, on the banks of the Burn Dennett and at the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains. The village name is an anglicised version of the Irish Dun na manach which means 'fort of the monks'. It has the unusual distinction of having at least 4 different English spellings of its name - Donemana, Dunamanagh, Donemanagh and Dunnamanagh, leading to some confusion on road signs in the area. It is the largest of the thirteen villages in the Strabane District Council area and had a population of 593 people in the 2001 Census. 





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