Morecombe Missile Makes A Score In The Senior (IOM TT 2013) 


 John McGuinness on his winning way

The scene set is to be a classic one. The PokerStars Senior TT Blue Ribbon day has arrived.  County Antrim’s Michael Dunlop who has taken the TT 2013 by storm has set new lap and race records all week on the Superbike, Superstock and Supersport machines. He pulled a 131.22 mph lap on his Superstock MD Racing Honda and a lap of 128.667 mph on his Supersport. The big question now is can he equal Ian Hutchinson’s incredible record of five solo wins in a week. Have we seen the true form of the future King of the mountain? He has to start today’s race as the fans favourite.

The sea of colour of people swamped the 37.7mile circuit to take up vantage points to watch the Senior Blue Ribbon race and the riders didn’t disappoint them.

With only a few miles into the race the early leader was 19 times TT winner John McGuinness but the race was red flagged due to an incident involving rider Jonathan Howarth, reported from Bray Hill. Several spectators were reported to have been injured and were taken to Nobel’s Hospital.

At 4.30pm the six-lap race was able to restart.  A blanket could have covered the top six riders in the first two laps. Gary Johnston grabbed the early lead from M Dunlop, McGuinness, Johnston, Rutter and Guy Martin, all these riders had now lapped at over 130 mph.

McGuinness then began to make his mark at the front steadily pulling away but Michael Dunlop wasn’t letting him get away that easy.  It was a cat and mouse game with a fraction of seconds gained and lost between them.

On the fourth lap McGuinness had lapped at 131 mph and for the first time had gained time the whole way round on Dunlop.

Lap five McGuinness had pulled a 10 second lead.  James Hillier followed tight behind McGuinness in third place and was being educated by the master.  

The final lap saw the first four riders in excess of 131 mph.  Hillier and Anstey had beaten their old lap records. McGuinness took the win by a 10 second gap making this his 20th TT Victory.  Michael Dunlop had to settle for second and Anstey set the fastest lap of 131.531 mph and took third place.





Race results.

1. J. McGuinness, 2. M. Dunlop, 3. B. Anstey, 4. J. Hillier, 5. G. Martin, 6. M. Rutter, 7. W. Dunlop, 8. D. Harrison, 9.D. Stewart, 10. D. Johnson.





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