North West 200 May 2013



Dunlop’s Dream Shattered As The Wee Wizard Takes The Win 


County Antrim rider Alastair Seeley from Carrickfergus started the Supersport race on his Gearlink Kawasaki in the second wave of riders from the fourth row. Earlier in the day at a steward’s meeting they allowed the 33 year old ace to start in the second group due to his poor practice time caused by the wet weather conditions and mechanical problems. Seeley, nicknamed “The Wee Wizard” took the gamble and fitted a rear intermediate back tyre for the race that started off on wet roads which dried as the race continued. 


 Alastair Seeley


Michael Dunlop 

Michael Dunlop was leading the race from Guy Martin and Bruce Anstey by the time he got to Metropole on the opening lap and then pulled away achieving a three second lead. Dunlop out in front, was the star of the show but then all eyes turned towards Seeley as he moved up into second place, eight seconds behind on corrected time. The Wee Wizard set the fastest lap of the race during the final lap at 108.739mph on a frying track. Dunlop crossed the finish line in text book form and had to wait for over twenty seconds for Seeley to finish his race and take podium position with a 1.349 second advantage. Seeley stated “I dedicate this win to Norma Bidulph, wife of Gearlink team boss Michael, who is in hospital at the moment”. 

Supersport Race 1 (Thursday 16th)

1st Alastair Seeley (34)
2nd Michael Dunlop (6)
3rd Guy Martin (4)
4th Bruce Anstey (2)
5th Stuart Easton (5)
6th Dean Harrison (8)
7th John McGuinness (3)
8th Daniel Cooper (20)
9th Lee Johnston (18)
10th James Hillier (37)
11th Ian Lougher (1)

12th William Davison (50) 


 Birds eye view of Jeremy McWilliams in action


Jeremy McWilliams Makes History

County Antrim rider Jeremy McWilliams from Glengormley made history at Thursday’s Supertwin race. The 49 year old is the oldest rider to have won a race at the North West 200. One year ago McWilliams was second in the same race again aboard a KMR Kawasaki 650cc machine prepared by team owner Ryan Farquhar. McWilliams is also the first Irish rider to win both a World Championship Grand Prix and a North West 200 race since the legendary Tom Heron who won the senior TT in 1976 and his last North West 200 race back in 1978.

An overwhelmed McWilliams said afterwards “This ticks a box I have always wanted. To win a North West 200 race is an amazing feeling. It also lays a few ghosts to rest for the doubters who cast doubts on whether I could win a road race or not. I was under a lot of pressure from young Davison before he disappeared. I struck up a great friendship with Ryan (Farquhar) and he was the instigator of me riding here last year and it’s terrific to win the race for him”. 


Supertwin Race 2 (Thursday 16th)

1st Jeremy McWilliams (99)
2nd James Hillier (37)
3rd Jamie Hamilton (44)
4th Ivan Linton (15)
5th Lee Johnston (5)
6th Michael Rutter (1)
7th James Cowton (52)
8th Michael Sweeney (65)
9th Colin Stephenson (34)
10th Paul Shoesmith (12)
11th Bruce Dunn (30)

12th Paul Gartland (28) 

James Hillier 


Super Seeley’s Second Win

Carrickfergus ace Alastair Seeley made his second win of the day on Thursday evening’s racing on his MSS Colchester Kawasaki Superstock making it his 10th win at the Vauxhall International North West 200.

The last lap of the nail biting race saw Seeley holding off Kiwi Bruce Anstey only by half a second at Ballysally. By the checkered flag the Wee Wizard won by three tenths of a second over Anstey who’s record of standing on the rostrum hasn’t been broken since his debut back in 2002.

Later Seeley said “I had a rear intermediate tyre on and I had to take it careful in the roundabout area where it was soaking. Once into the lead I knew I could not shake off Bruce and heard him catching up on me. I was power sliding all the way from the roundabout to Metropole having to use the throttle liberally round the roundabout to stop from sliding off.  


Bruce Anstey in the rain 

Superstock Race 3 (Thursday 16th)

1st Alastair Seeley (34)
2nd Bruce Anstey (5)
3rd Gary Johnson (7)
4th Guy Martin (4)
5th Derek Shiels (60)
6th Conor Cummins (10)
7th Josh Brookes (2)
8th Michael Rutter (1)
9th James Hillier (37)
10th Jamie Hamilton (44)
11th Paul Shoesmith (27)

12th Cameron Donald (86) 


A Day For Ducks As Dunlop Wins At North West 200

Early morning Saturday was anything but normal weather conditions for mid May. Torrential rain fell leaving the 8.9-mile famous triangle circuit with lots of standing water. Roads closed at 10am with the rain easing off, whilst the race fans took up their vantage points hoping to watch some of the worlds best road racing. Officials inspected the track and give the all clear for the first race of the day to get underway just after 11am.

The lights changed colour and the riders of the McKendry Fabrications FM LTD Supersport race got underway. The famous names of HM Plant and Padgett’s Honda riders Bruce Anstey and John McGuinness led the international field of riders away while Tyco TAS Suzuki Guy Martin and MD Racing Honda Michael Dunlop followed in hot pursuit. 


William Dunlop at Blackhill 


By the start of the third lap the race was red flagged due to worsening weather conditions and some fallen riders leaving 24 year old Michael Dunlop in front of Bruce Anstey, Lee Johnston and fourth man Guy Martin.

This left a result, Dunlop the declared winner as the race wasn’t to be re-run. This resulted in him winning a second International North West 200 title and for the first time on a four-stroke machine.

Local riders won all Thursday evening’s three races and the only race that took place on Saturday but more remarkably these were won by our very own County Antrim riders.

The rest of the meeting was abandoned due to the deteriorating weather situation leaving it too dangerous to race on. 


Supersport Race 1 (Saturday 18th)

1st Michael Dunlop (6)
2nd Bruce Anstey (2)
3rd Lee Johnston (18)
4th Alastair Seeley (34)
5th Guy Martin (4)
6th John McGuinness (3)
7th William Dunlop (9)
8th James Hillier (37)
9th Daniel Cooper (20)
10th James Cowton (52)
11th Michael Sweeney (65)

12th Paul Jordan (33) 

Paul Jordan 





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