The Joey Dunlop Exhibition 




One of the world's most exclusive private motorcycling collections goes on display from Saturday 23rd April until 6th May 2011, in The Burnavon Cookstown. 

“King of the Roads” - the definitive Joey Dunlop collection which celebrates the life and times of the most loved motorcycling sportsman in the history of road racing contains the famous trademark yellow Arai helmet as well as sets of racing leathers. Among the clothing is a suit worn by Joey Dunlop in the early 70s as he started out in the sport.

The collection is particularly important because of the position Joey Dunlop commanded in the world of motorcycle road racing

We are particularly grateful to the Dunlop family for allowing us to display the collection which means so much to them personally.


Thanks to the generosity of the family, fans will be able to get very close to the memorabilia and share a moment of intimacy with the man so many thousands admired all over the world.

The collection also includes three motorcycles, Joey Dunlop's ceremonial Manx Sword and OBE. It also contains the first trophy he won as a racer – the mid-Antrim 150 in 1972.




Joey Dunlop's commitment to helping the poor and underprivileged is also recorded. He frequently used his race van on lone humanitarian missions to Romania, Bosnia and Albania brining food and medical supplies to orphanages.  




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